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CSA Licensed

If you are seeking the hottest products for your retail, online or Facebook store, Candy Stripes Australia stocks the number 1 sellers in licensed clothes from big name brands. These quality garments come emblazoned with characters from Disney cartoons and other popular children’s TV shows such as Dora the Explorer, the Smurfs, Barbie, Ben 10, Lala Loopsy, Giggle and Hoot, Dr Who, Peppa Pig, and The Wiggles. They are a must for your business as each item is made from quality materials and sold in small packs at prices suitable for wholesale clients.

Because this range consists solely of wholesale licensed clothing products, we guarantee the designs featured on our garments are completely authentic. Whilst it is possible to buy cheap imitations with generic characters for a little less, it is almost always a false economy as discerning customers are sure to be unimpressed when they take a closer look. Such clothing does not usually last very long either.

Younger girls and boys tend to be very enthusiastic about clothing featuring popular characters like Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Thomas the Tank Engine and Tinkerbell. If you are trying to attract mothers with young children to your store, it is a good idea to keep a varied selection of such items on display at all times. This type of authentic wholesale licensed clothing usually sells fast, making it an attractive proposition for retailers looking to turn their stock over more quickly.

Not all of the items in this section are designed for small children. Garments such as our One Direction, SpongeBob, Bambi, Hello Kitty, and Sesame Street are ideal for older girls that are starting to develop a more mature taste. Our Lego, Skylanders, Cars, Planes, Star Wars, Octonauts, and DC Comics garments are also worth stocking if you want to make sure you have something for kids of all ages in your shop. Remember to check back often as new licensed products are added weekly.

Buy today or contact us when you want to deal with Australia's best licensed kids clothing suppliers.