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CSA New Styles

In an effort to stay ahead of the latest fashion trends, Candy Stripes Australia is constantly on the lookout for the newest designs to add to our online clothing catalogues. On this page, you can find the most recently released items such as t-shirts, dresses, shorts and trousers all ready for purchase. In this way, you can stock up your retail and online clothing store with new products and ready yourself for the latest in consumer fashion trends. Staying ahead of the competition in this way is merely a matter of purchasing these stylish products from our store.

Affordable Wholesale Prices

Despite offering some of the latest fashion trends, we appeal to your bottom line by selling our stock at very affordable wholesale rates. This means you can fill up your display racks or virtual catalogues with some of the newest items without having to spend a lot of money in the process. Our new releases are thus aimed at small businesses, giving the average clothing retailer a chance to sell the latest in fashion and style while sticking to their budget. We are also a smart choice for larger stores as our stock can also be bought through large-scale yet affordable orders.

Keeping Up to Date

If you are interested in staying ahead of the trends, visit our site often so you don’t miss out! Constantly on the lookout for the latest clothing, we promise to update our selection on a weekly basis. This means you can find all the new styles right here by checking in regularly. In fact, we will have approximately 50 brand new clothing designs each week! This means you can purchase updated stock for your retail or online shop and never have to worry about repeating the same old items and boring your customers.